Anagen Bio is the perfect virtual specialist retail store that features an exciting collection of ingenious eco products for general-purpose use, in places such as offices, schools, homes, and arts, and crafts. Our goal is to ease and reduce the cost implication while also making it easy to purchase eco products that you require for your usage. We help our clients make wise shopping decisions by conducting the research and delivering the best and most genuine eco products. We make it easy for you, our clients, to satisfy your desire for increased sustainable goods at fewer costs and more benefits.


We commenced operation as a virtual subsidiary of Anagen Bio Solutions, a modern Us based firm that possesses extensive history of of paper recycling, production of stationery, and sales of eco products.

Beyond Rhetoric

Stand-out factors:
Firstly, unlike many other companies, whose offerings are the most problematic and non-green products but with the usage of purported green catalog, our specialty and focus are strictly on eco products. We supply solely eco-products because we care and believe in the exclusively switch to more sustainable and responsibly manufactured goods capable of making the difference in a world plagued by man’s recent unsustainable activities, production, and waste production.

Secondly, beyond rhetorics and merely making statements, we passionately imbibe and implement eco-friendly practices. This suggests the utilization of 100% green power, removing our carbon emissions from operations and then transporting with C3 – Community Climate Chest and Greenfleet, rainwater gathering and reuse, ethical business practices and interactions, reduction of waste to landfill, reusing and repackaging, recycling, composting, and aiding some environmental firms.

Secondly we take care in our business and in our own lives to ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the talk’. This means using 100% Greenpower, offsetting our carbon emissions from our operations and transport with C3 – Community Climate Chest and Greenfleet, ethical business practices & relationships, rainwater harvesting & reuse, recycling, composting, reusing and reducing packaging, minimisation of waste to landfill, and support for a number of aid and environmental organisations.

Lastly, we are committed to fulfilling your needs for more sustainable eco-products and replacing the rifer and unsustainable traditional goods that permeates your life. We help you conduct the research, locate, and sometimes produce the products and rate the products based on our environmental requirements while also suggesting the most appropriate for you to choose and buy in our simple to navigate virtual shop.