The EcoSwitch™ is an easy to use socket, plug and switch set that helps you to eliminate wasteful Stand-By power and save up to 10% of your energy bills at home, in the office – anywhere. Eliminates 100% of stand by power of all connected appliances. Approved to Aust/NZ standards and rated 4 Stars by Choice Magazine. Colour: Black.

The EcoSwitch™

  • Is simple to understand and use
  • Works with all 240v appliances (full 10amps capacity)
  • Does not require programming or a remote
  • Never needs to be ‘re-set’
  • When switched to ‘Off’ it uses zero electricity
  • Use it with your existing powerboards – control a group of appliances eg computers, printers, faxes, TV, Audio, etc
  • Has a flat plug that let’s furniture sit closer to the wall
  • Reduces the risk of fires and surges
  • Longer life for appliances
  • Control your appliances easily from where you locate the EcoSwitch™
  • Double sided tape and clips keep cords tidy
  • 12 months warranty




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